Details about TikTok Project Texas of United States

We all know that some states in the United States of America have banned the use of TikTok for causing concerns among users related to data security. To support the ban and to build trust with the populace, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott has announced a program called ‘Project Texas’ that has a lot to do with the use of app related to the video sharing platform and can help build trust among key government stakeholders.

Project Texas is a program announced to safeguard information related to online service users within America and issues a ban against services and applications in the name of national security.

As a part of this project, the Biden led government will allow the Byte Dance’s business unit to operate its services in the United States of America, provided it follows the cyber security hygiene prescribed by TikTok’s US Data Security Inc.

To those interested, implementing project guidelines will not only be restricted to the state of Texas and will apply to all states or to those 30 states where the mobile app to offer entertainment is blocked from access.

Project Texas will be government by an independent board of experts who will review its operations as per the stipulations planned by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS).

This committee will work and deciding on an independent note and will not/never report to ByteDance or deal with the data as per the TikTok’s data dealing guidelines, like transmitting information to servers located to Beijing for further analysis of metadata.

In a news update provided by CFIUS last week, Oracle software, an Austin based company, will deal with information that is being generated and stored on the servers of the entity, most probably on the Oracle Cloud environment.


Naveen Goud
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