Details about WannaCry Ransomware Attack on Boeing Company

    Boeing has cleared the air on late Wednesday that its jetliner production was not affected by the recent WannaCry Ransomware Attack. The airliner manufacturer also admitted that the attack did not cripple its Aircraft production and deliveries rating some media reports as “overstated and inaccurate”.

    In the early hours of Wednesday, Seattle Times published a report stating that Boeing Co. was reigning under Wanna cry Ransomware attack and so the production of some manufacturing equipment used to build Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the new 777 wide-body jets could cripple for days or weeks.
    By late Wednesday, Boeing dismissed all such reports as false and claimed that the malware intrusion was limited to a few systems to which remediations were already applied.

    However, a source from Seattle Times reports that some of the critical assembly lines were under the impact of the software glitch which includes those of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner North Charleston, South Carolina and the 777x Compose wing to center.

    The source adds that all the Robotic Machines that lay down carbon-fiber tape over the 108-foot spar that runs down the center of the wing of the 777x were down and could take many weeks to re-operate again.

    Meanwhile, Boeing Engineer Mike VanderWel banished all the media reports and said that the recovery of the faulty systems can be achieved by early next week.

    From the past few days, ransomware attacks on public and private entities have soared to a new proportion.
    Very recently i.e. early last week the city of Atlanta has experienced a ransomware attack that lasted for 5 complete days.

    Last weekend, Baltimore’s 911 emergency computer systems were also hit by a cyber attack which could be of a ransomware variant. And according to a press statement released by city Mayor’s office, the officials of Baltimore have resorted to manual operations to handle calls as the attack disrupted relay of the details of the incoming callers seeking emergency support to dispatchers.

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