Facebook releases tool to discover Security Issues and Software Bugs

Facebook, on a recent note, released an open source Mariana Trench tool for android mobile operating system developers to discover any security and privacy issues in applications meant to be hosted on Google Play Store.

The newly designed utility released by the FB helps in scanning large mobile codebases and flag any security or privacy related potential threats that could lurk in the mobile databases while in beta phase.

Technically, the tool is devised to help developers craft different rules for different data flows that could lead to potential data leaks by allowing threat actors to induce arbitrary codes through interception.

Data flows that do not comply with the pre-determined rules are then diverted back to the security engineer or the software developer for review and to make any changes if/where necessary.

FYI, Mariana Trench is not the first scanning tool to detect flaws in apps as already an open source Zoncolan and Pysa are indulging in similar tactics to scan flaws in Python Programming Languages.

Coming to the other news trending on Google and related to the Mark Zuckerberg’s led company, Whistleblower Frances Haugen believes we could term the concerns over security and privacy over FB use as a national security issue. As it involves the tech giant involving in cyber crimes such as espionage, spread of misinformation and sale of user data to ad companies to make profits.

The CEO of the world’s leading social media network has claimed that his firm has spent nearly $13 billion on safety and security of its users since 2016. And the funding helped in blocking 3 billion fake accounts in the first two quarters of this year and help remove 20 million pieces of false information related to COVID-19 virus & vaccine being propagated to its users.

Naveen Goud
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