Forcepoint buys Skyfence to boost its Cloud Security portfolio


Forcepoint has finally managed to convince Imperva to sell off its Skyfence business for $40 million in cash. Thus, with the new acquisition, Texas based Forcepoint is readying to boost its cloud security and IP protections portfolio.

As per the details available to Cloud security Insiders, Forcepoint has filed an SEC filing to buy Skyfence business for $40 million in cash and is said to retain the brand name for next few years. And as soon as the deal closes, Forcepoint is a plan to add Skyfence Technologies to its portfolio of Web Security and Data Loss Prevention. But the employees of Skyfence will still work from the Ramat Gan, Israel office.

Historically speaking, Skyfence was acquired by Imperva for $60 million in 2014. The Israeli startup offers cloud access security to corporate environments which intend to protect intellectual property as per the prevailing data protection standards in the European Union.

Technically, Skyfence provides software-based solutions for augmented visibility into cloud servers along with cloud applications such as Onedrive, Salesforce app, Netsuite, and Microsoft Office 365. The said company’s software analyzes content and employee activity in the cloud and then grants access in order to prevent data leaks, malicious or unauthorized access.

Forcepoint offers corporate environment users against data protection threats from insiders, web & email security and network security.
Therefore, users can focus on what matters most to their business, instead of worrying about threats related to cloud security.

Note 1– The acquisition of Skyfence by Forcepoint is subjected to closing conditions and is expected to reach final stages after the first quarter of 2017.

Note 2- California-based Imperva which is into cyber security software and services business has acquired Skyfence in 2014. And Skyfence was acting like an asset to its wholesome business till date. So, trade analysts feel that the move to sell Skyfence to Forcepoint could backfire Imperva’s business in the long run.

Naveen Goud
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