Get a $10m reward for information about Clop Ransomware Gang


The Biden administration in the United States has introduced a rewards program following a cyber attack on multiple government agencies through the use of MoveIT software. The program aims to encourage individuals to provide credible information regarding the activities of those responsible for spreading the Clop Ransomware.

The information sought could include details about the malware operators, their physical location, IP addresses, as well as financial transactions and banking information associated with their activities. Individuals who provide information that aids law enforcement efforts will be eligible to receive a substantial cash reward of $10 million. The Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program, a specialized unit within the U.S. Department of State, will administer the cash prizes, with the goal of mitigating risks to national security in the United States.

The RFJ program was established to gather intelligence on various forms of terrorism that pose a threat to the American population. In the past, it has offered rewards for information on groups such as the Conti Ransomware gang, Russian Sandworm hackers, REvil Ransomware gang, Evil Corp Hacking group, and LockBit.

Recently, the Clop Ransomware group has been actively extorting money from its victims, with attacks commencing on May 27th, 2023, coinciding with Memorial Day. Media outlets have been reporting daily on companies falling victim to these sophisticated attacks.

In the most recent incidents, residents of Oregon and Louisiana have been alerted to the potential loss of their personal identities to cyber criminals. Official reports confirm that individuals in both states have fallen victim to a data breach, where hackers gained unauthorized access to and apparently stole sensitive information such as driver’s licenses, addresses, social security numbers, and vehicle details.

The Clop gang, primarily consisting of Russian-speaking individuals, targeted several high-profile entities, including the Department of Energy, British Airways, BBC, Johns Hopkins University, Shell Oil, the University of Georgia, and numerous other organizations.

It is worth noting that shortly after the government announced the reward program, the Clop gang removed some of the stolen content from its website.

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