Clop Ransomware

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

First, those spreading Clop Ransomware are found making the file encrypting malware foster with more sophistication. In a recent discovery, SentinelLabs security researcher Vitali...

Clop Ransomware demands $20 million from Software AG

Software AG, a Germany-based IoT technology platform has reportedly become a victim of Clop Ransomware and highly placed sources say that the company fell...

Google trending Cyber Attack news headlines

Firstly, it is the US Department of Defense which is topping the headlines when it comes to cyber-attacks. News is out that the systems...

Ransomware attack on Maastricht University of Netherlands

The Maastricht University of Netherlands is reported to have become a victim of a ransomware attack on Tuesday this week and officials have pulled...
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