Clop Ransomware

CLOP Ransomware avoids takedowns by using torrents

Clop Ransomware, a notorious cybercriminal gang based in Russia and exclusively targeting companies in the United States, has recently changed its tactics to evade law enforcement surveillance. Instead of using traditional websites to sell stolen data, the gang has adopted a new strategy of leaking data related to the victims of the MoveIT cyber-attack through […]

Get a $10m reward for information about Clop Ransomware Gang

The Biden administration in the United States has introduced a rewards program following a cyber attack on multiple government agencies through the use of MoveIT software. The program aims to encourage individuals to provide credible information regarding the activities of those responsible for spreading the Clop Ransomware. The information sought could include details about the […]

Play Ransomware attack news and Extortion Attempt on Water utility

A ransomware named Play hit an entire judiciary system, therefore forcing the officials to shut down the IT systems since August 13th 2022. Argentina Judiciary of Cordoba is a government-based service that was hit by the malware last week, forcing the officials to use pen and paper for submitting official documents and to purview other […]

CLOP Ransomware targets 21 victims in a single month

CLOP Ransomware gang has targeted over 21 organizations from March to April this year and the numbers might increase as the time progresses. According to a survey conducted by NCC Group, CLOP returned in February this year from a hiatus of almost 16 months and is now only after industrial sector. CLOP is seen infecting […]

Details of a failed Clop Ransomware attack on City of Toronto Canada

Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that Clop ransomware gang operating from Russia accessed the servers of the City of Toronto to grab metadata of over 35k citizens. Their plan could be to later dump the data on the dark web and make money. However, for some reason or because of a strict online vigil from Ukraine’s […]

British police data published on dark web by Clop Ransomware Group

Clop Ransomware Group, a Russian based hacking gang, has published some data belonging to British Police on the dark web and stated that the act was a retaliation for not paying the demanded ransom. Sources say that the CLOP gang infiltrated the servers of IT firm Dacoll and siphoned data belonging to Police National Computer […]

Clop Ransomware targets maritime firm Swire Pacific Offshore

Clop Ransomware seems to have targeted a maritime firm this time as sensitive details related to the company operations were found on the extortion site maintained by the file encrypting malware gang. SOS Intelligence, a Britain-based company that offers software tools to monitor Dark Web, was the first to detect the intrusion on the computer […]

Clop Ransomware gang leaks NHS documents due to ransom rejection

Russian Ransomware spreading gang CLOP has released some sensitive medical documents onto the dark web as its victim failed to pay a ransom of $3 million. The leaked records include phone numbers, house addresses, medical history, names and insurance details of several patients from law firms and local councils who visited GP practices & NHS […]

CLOP Ransomware gang arrested in Ukraine

After arresting members belonging to Avaddon, DarkSide, and DopplePaymer ransomware groups, the law enforcement of Ukraine in association with the US FBI has announced that it has arrested some key members related to CLOP Ransomware Group.   In a statement issued yesterday, Ukrainian Police revealed that they have taken 6 members of notorious FIN11 aka […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

First, those spreading Clop Ransomware are found making the file encrypting malware foster with more sophistication. In a recent discovery, SentinelLabs security researcher Vitali Kremez found that the said ransomware has evolved with a new potential of disabling the onboard security software and then encrypting the entire Windows Machine. “Clop Ransomware after installation, starts a […]

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