Google Android 11 OS focuses more on Data Privacy


As Google opened the doors of Android 11 for developers last week the web search giant has insisted that its focus will be more on data privacy for this segment of the operating system. For instance, the upcoming version might include the feature where apps will get one-time access permission to access location or camera on the device.


Google has disclosed that its next operating system will support digital docs like driver licenses and another identity related information and will expand the use of Biometrics like IRIS, Fingerprint data, and Facial recognition.


And as users will be looking forward to using devices working on 5G networks in 2021, Android 11 is asking its developers to open up bounds on building apps that take advantage of 5G networks by allowing the device to use more data to stream high-resolution videos.


Furthermore, Android 11 can operate on different screens like foldable devices- launched by Samsung recently and those with pin-hole screens and hole punch screens as well as waterfall screens.


The Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary stated in its latest news bulletin that it will be launching Android 11’s beta version in May this year and will release the pre-versions till early fall.


Note- Already the developer’s build was released on Feb 19th of this year and was set to operate on the tentative Google Pixel phones releasing this year. The final release will be available for the OEMs by Oct 2020.

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