Google Android Pie users face Mobile Security issues


Android phone users who have either upgraded their phone’s operating system to Google Pie or will purchase a phone with the said operating system are worried that the new OS could spell trouble for them in due course.

Very recently, Android 9 Pie users were surprised to see that their smartphone’s battery saving feature was turned on by Google’s customized settings push. And what’s bizarre in this incident is the fact that users reported that the setting was switched on even when the battery was fully charged.

Initially, it was thought that a bug has caused this issue. But Google has cleared up the air that the battery saving feature was turned on remotely without user’s consent due to one update rollout which was still in testing phase.

Note- When a user switches on the ‘battery saving mode’ on an Android Oreo or Pie operating system loaded phone, it alters certain settings meant for the application to preserve the battery power. In most cases, the notifications get delayed and the location tracking feature of GPS gets disabled when the display is turned off.

It may also stop apps from refreshing content in the background when they are not being used- Like WhatsApp, weather analytics, game results and such…

All Google Pixel Phone users, Nokia 7 users, and One Plus6 user were affected by the Google’s battery saving alterations.

One of the users even reported on Reddit that her location tracking feature was being kept on by Google even after several attempts to disable it. And as a result of it, her home screen was being bombarded by news snippets, sports updates and other such notifications which were draining the phone battery.

Some even expressed their anger on Reddit that the photos and videos from their phones were being uploaded to Google Photos on an automated note which is sometimes landing in the reviews section of Google Maps.

Understandably, the issue has angered all Android phone users who believe that Google is playing nasty games by remotely changing the phone settings on its user devices.

Although, the web search giant claims that all these issues could have cropped up on an accidental note, some technology enthusiasts on Reddit screech that the technology giant has started to take advantage of its patrons to play games related to monopolization.

Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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