Google Pay users get Biometrics Security

All those who use Google Pay for making digital payments might feel happy by knowing that the technology giant has introduced Biometrics security to allow users to protect their online transactions using fingerprint and facial recognition features.

The feature can be seen in the latest 2.1 version of the app and will be rolled out across the digital wallet platform in the next few days.

As a result of this payment security update, users can also opt for biometrics API so that they can use fingerprints or facial recognition to authenticate a money transfer along with the option of using the regular PIN inputs.

Users who have tested the feature are reportedly finding their transactions being processed faster than the regular PIN security.

Currently, the Biometric addition feature will only be available to users using Google Pay app on the Android 10 version. But pretty soon it will also be rolled out to those using the Android 9 operating system on their devices.

To those who haven’t heard about Google Pay, it is just a rebranded digital payment version of UPI based TEZ app which was launched in the year 2017. In the year 2018, Google renamed TEZ as Google Pay which now has more than 67 million active users around the world.

Also from now on, all Google Pay users will get SMS notifications on their respective mobile phones that any request approval will deduct money from their respective bank account linked to the Google Pay wallet on a respective note.

NOTE- Android 10 happens to be the latest mobile operating system of Google which was released on September 3rd of 2019. It was first released in March this year to Pixel smartphones and might be introduced into foldable smartphones released by Samsung and LG early next year. Google has announced that the Android 10 version of OS will get guaranteed security updates for the next three years. Also, the OS is speculated to bring in a revolution among 5G smartphone users by offering greater protection, transparency, and control over data.

Naveen Goud
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