Google services get banned in this country

Google and its services have occupied a prominent place in our lives so much that we cannot imagine a life without them- for say Maps ,Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, GoogleDocs and such…

So, despite this scenario, Denmark has decided to permanently ban Google services and Chromebooks in schools and educational institutions operating in its region.

The decision to ban the online services offered by Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary was taken as soon as Datatilsynet, the data protection agency belonging to the Danish people, issued a public statement. That the web search giant is not complying with its data processing and protection laws involving students, so it is better to keep it out of children’s reach.

Researchers at Datatilsynet argue Google is storing all the user data generated in its country in servers operating in the European Union. But it is still transferring content to other countries in disguise of a data continuity plan, which is objectionable, as it breaches the 2018 GDPR laws to a certain extent.

Currently, the ban applies to schools and educational institutes operating in Helsingor as a breach of GDPR was observed in the year 2020. But if the situation demands, it could also be extended to schools operating in other parts of the country.

Google remained silent on the issue as it is thinking to proceed legally. It argues that it has invested in technology to keep user privacy on par with the expectations of governments & its users across the world and remained so regarding legal complaints, responsibility, and safety of data being stored, and the way it is being handled, and maintained.

It also issued a clarification that schools own their data and the firm never uses or processes it for advertising and commercial purposes.

The internet juggernaut added that its data processing infrastructure and methods have been positively endorsed by independent data auditing organizations operating across the world and it has always been praised for maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Naveen Goud
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