Google triggers privacy concerns among users of Nest Security Systems

Google issued a public apology yesterday for not mentioning the presence of a secret Mic in all its Nest devices. The Internet Juggernaut claims that the microphone was apparently added to the device in order to assist the device users with future innovations.

But as the company failed to specify it in its specs sheet, Nest Security Systems users located across United States screech that failure to notify users about the secret microphone was a clear cut invasion of user privacy.

On dissecting the situation precisely, Google turned the situation soar on itself by first keeping the users of its security systems in dark about the presence of secretly embedded microphone located inside the control hub of the security system of Nest Guard.

Secondly, the tech giant committed a big mistake by mentioning in its statement that it ‘Forgot’ to make a mention of the secret mic earlier- which clearly shows how responsible it is when it comes to its user’s privacy concerns.

And thirdly, the web search giant committed a big blunder by launching a software update to the devices which allows users to take control of the Nest devices with their voices.

As the voice activation requires a microphone, the users questioned the search giant about the possibility. And it was then that the Alphabet subsidiary revealed details of the clandestinely embed microphone.

Although the California based tech giant has mentioned in its statement that it never switched on the microphones on the devices prior to the said update, those concerned about privacy aren’t satisfied with the alert.

As of now, the sale of Nest Security Systems devices which includes thermostats, cameras, video doorbells, alarm systems, and door locks and smoke alarms are restricted to the United States. And from August this year, the sale was supposed to be extended to Europe- which might get delayed a bit with the startling revelation.

Naveen Goud
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