Hackers launch a cyber attack on Ramsdens!


Ramsdens, a UK based financial service which offers collateral loans against gold has admitted that its digital assets were hit by a cyber attack that targeted the pawn-brokering chain’s 34K click-and-collect-customers.

The Middlesbrough firm, which has more than 127 shops across the UK offering financial services said in a media briefing on Friday that its systems were subjected to attack in June this year. And since then the company’s IT representatives were working with third parties to investigate the incident and increase its cyber defenses.

The company added that there is no evidence that the data was compromised. However, there is evidence that the hackers were targeting info about the company’s click-and-collect travel card service customers which includes details such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, and encrypted passwords.

Ramsdens Chief Executive Peter Kenyon confirmed on Friday that the systems of Ramsdens were targeted by hackers in June’17. But he denied the claims published in some media sources that it was a ransomware related cyber attack.

Peter said that the incident has been reported to the regulators who are recording the evidence gathered by the third party. The company has also set up a dedicated hotline which went live this morning. And as per the details available to the media, the hotline will provide advice to customers who are concerned about cyber security and possible data loss on Ramsdens pawn brokerage platform.

And as a precautionary measure, Ramsdens is requesting all its customers to change their passwords if they have used it on other sites.

Naveen Goud
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