Hackers lodge war with the Maritime sector by hitting DNV Shipmanager Software

As the maritime sector has become extremely dependent on technology tools, it is also attracting the attention of cyber criminals who are finding it as a lucrative target to mint money. Adding fuel to this are the vulnerabilities being observed in the system visibility tools that are being deployed because of OT/IT convergence.

Although such automated tools help to cut down cyber risks, they also create complex visibility hiccups because of a shortage for the trained workforce.

Latest attack on Classification Society DNV software stands as a best example. Security analysts state that the company offers a Shipping Management software that is deployed on over 7000 vessels and so about 300 owners are on the shooting line of a cyber-attack.

DNV states that its ship management software was hit by a cyber attack and since this software is connected to a cloud, the capabilities of this software tool were curtailed in such a way that performance monitoring software of the ship was made offline, as a preventive measure.

Currently, information is out that the attack might have affected only a few capabilities of the software, and data wasn’t affected.

A technical recovery plan was initiated from Monday this week and Norwegian’s Police prima facie revealed that the incident could have been the mischief of a notorious cyber-criminal group.

Those having business relationship with DNV are being well advised to review their account credentials and monitor the financial transactions that are taking place with the shipping firm.

NOTE- In the year 2017, a ransomware attack on Maersk shipping company disrupted the firm’s IT systems with encryption from NotPetya Ransomware, causing $300m damage to the company. Surprisingly, this attack emerged from Russia and caused utter chaos to the IT infrastructure of Moscow and surrounding regions, resulting in a $16million loss to Putin led nation and $10 billion worldwide.


Naveen Goud
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