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Global Sanctions Imposed on Russian-Linked REVIL Ransomware Operator

Governments of Australia, UK, and the United States have jointly sanctioned Alexander Gennadievich, a hacker associated with the Russian-linked REVIL Ransomware group. Gennadievich’s involvement in the Medibank data breach has raised international concerns, as he pilfered and distributed sensitive data, including names, email addresses, contact details, passport information, health claims, and insurance coverage details. The effectiveness of these sanctions on both individuals and criminal organizations remains uncertain.

Trello, a Leading Messaging App, Faces Massive Data Breach 

Trello, a widely used professional messaging app, has fallen victim to a significant data breach impacting over 15 million users. Hackers have gained unauthorized access to user names, email IDs, full names, and other credentials. While Trello is actively investigating the breach, a portion of the stolen data has surfaced on a hacking forum for sale. Law enforcement and security experts are collaborating to address and mitigate the associated risks.

Privacy Concerns Surround China-Manufactured Biometric Hardware

India and Scotland express apprehensions about the use of Chinese-manufactured biometric attendance systems in government organizations. Concerns center around potential espionage, with fears that servers in Beijing could compromise the security of CCTV cameras and biometric systems deployed in military and defense sectors. Both nations plan a 90-day surveillance period starting February, considering replacements from South Korea if necessary to safeguard sensitive government operations.

UK Faces Controversy Over Smart Electric Meter Billing

Users of smart electric meters in the UK raise alarms over inexplicable billing discrepancies. Reports suggest that some devices may be charging users based on the accounts of geographically distant individuals. Social media platforms witness a surge in complaints, with users demanding immediate government intervention. Some speculate that cyber attacks may have tampered with electric meters, leading to a surge in electricity consumption and subsequent billing concerns.

Water Facility in North America hit by Ransomware Attack

Veolia, a water facility that is also into the service of sewage management was targeted by a ransomware attack disrupting some application related servers. The impact was minimal, but could have disrupted about 8,500 water and waste water facilities across the United States.

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