How to prevent Windows 10 from invading your privacy


We all know that the release of Windows 10 Operating System wasn’t received well by users of Microsoft and the main reason for such reaction was due to the fact that it invades the user’s privacy. For this reason, many in the technology world postponed its use and upgrade for many years.

Now, to those who aren’t aware of the security concerns the operating systems usage brings-in, here’s some info to enlighten your minds.

Stay away from Cortana– Microsoft offers a virtual assistant named ‘Cortana’ which in fact invades your privacy to a large extent. So, if you want Cortana to stay out of your computing life, just get into the settings of the virtual assistant and opt for ‘Clear Cortana Data’ option to get rid of the invasion. You can also restrict the access of Cortana by simply un-checking the info such as contacts, location, communication history, and internet history.

Switch Off your location- Its a fact that Windows 10 keeps a track of its user’s info and might be sharing the info with 3rd parties behind the screen. So, it is better to turn off your location settings in the privacy feature.

Keep a check on ad tracking- Remember, whenever you shop on eBay or Target, the info is gathered by the browser and is sent to the ad tracking companies which then populate your web pages with relevant ads- which sometimes might be too embarrassing. Microsoft has admitted a couple of years ago, that every Win 10 user is assigned with an Ad ID that tracks browsing/shopping history. Therefore, the data is sent to Microsoft’s ad partners which thereafter personalize the ad campaigns directly to you.

Better to disable your camera access- A few years ago, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated that nothing seems to be private when it comes to online. And so he is seen practicing an unusual procedure of covering his webcam with duct tape. Although the practice acts as a safety precaution, it can mean a lot to those who like to keep their lives ‘always-private’

Disabling your PC microphone- There are many instances when hackers backed by state military agencies are seen hearing to the conversations happening before a computing device. And that’s due to the fact that there are chances that cyber crooks can change the privacy settings to tune- into any of your conversations.

Keep a tab on your App Access- By default, most of the apps on your computing device have access to a user’s name, picture and other account info which might put the user into deep trouble anytime. So, better do a favor by switching off the settings of the suspicious apps which you do not trust.

Delete your Timeline- technically speaking ‘Timeline tracking’ is a feature where the Win 10 OS keeps a tab of all the websites you visited so far. So, better to turn-off this feature if in case you do not want the tech giant sneak into your online activities.

Never forget to review your privacy settings after a major update as there is a good amount of chance that a new update can reset your privacy settings.

Factually speaking, we cannot trust any tech company these days as we do not know what exactly happens behind the doors of these data centers. So, every technology seems good only if allows its users to stay safe online and keeps everything private.

Naveen Goud
Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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