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How to turn on ransomware protection on Microsoft Windows 10

To all those Windows 10 Operating System (OS) users, here’s a piece of advice that will help in protecting your PC from ransomware. Microsoft has offered a 2-layer protection by default on all the systems running on Win 10 OS to help keep the file encrypting malware at bay. First is the regular malware scanning […]

Two serious vulnerabilities detected on Windows 10 and Windows 11 Operating Systems

Microsoft has issued a warning to its Windows 10 and Windows 11 users against two serious zero day vulnerabilities that have to be fixed yet. It is regarding an OS feature called Microsoft Installer aka MSI that is exhibiting repairing or updating issues with anti-malware apps after the installation of KB5007215 update. Currently, the Satya […]

How to keep your Microsoft Windows 10 PC safe from Ransomware Attacks

Microsoft has recently published a list of measures to be taken by customers to block ransomware attacks on their respective Windows 10 computers. And there are as follows- 1.     The first and foremost thing is to keep your Windows 10 Operating System and anti-virus up to date and better upgrade your PC to a Windows […]

Does Microsoft Windows Defender offer Ransomware Protection

All Win 10 users get Windows Defender by default which helps them protect against the most dangerous cyber threats vying in the cyber landscape. But most of us don’t know that the anti-malware solution offered by the American tech giant Microsoft also has Ransomware protection. It was added in October 2017 security update to all […]

How to prevent Windows 10 from invading your privacy

We all know that the release of Windows 10 Operating System wasn’t received well by users of Microsoft and the main reason for such reaction was due to the fact that it invades the user’s privacy. For this reason, many in the technology world postponed its use and upgrade for many years. Now, to those […]

Windows 7 users should be aware of these Cyber Security vulnerabilities

All you Windows 7 users out there, its better you make a note of the following cybersecurity vulnerabilities to which your system will get exposed after December’ 19. 1.) Obsolete systems which do not receive security updates from their developers( Microsoft in this case) can easily be used to spread malware. 2.) Unless you go […]

Mobile Security for Microsoft Windows Phone users’ ends so what’s next

All Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone users are hereby informed that the support for their devices will end from December 10 this year and they will no longer receive any updated or assistance at all from Microsoft from then on. Readers of this article have to notify a fact over here that the tech giant […]

Microsoft Cortana allows hackers to snoop down your files

Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems(OS) offers a virtual assistant called ‘Cortana’ which helps the OS users integrate with hundreds of Windows apps. But McAfee researchers allege that the hackers are using this AI propelled assistant to snoop down files from locked computers. Experts warn that the attack can turn serious if hackers decide to break […]

Microsoft uses Linux instead of Windows for its Azure Sphere

Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will be using Linux OS instead of Windows 10 to bring IoT security and Connectivity to Multiple Cloud environments. Announcing the same at the RSA Conference last week, the company disclosed that the move will help the firm adhere to new crossover a class of Micro Controller Units that […]

Intel and Microsoft set to sniff out malware from memory

Intel has announced an innovation in association with Microsoft which is said to detect malware at the memory level. Perhaps this is to reincarnate a positive image in the processor market which was otherwise tarnished by the Spectre and Meltdown flaws in January this year. Therefore, all the future chip designs offered by Intel will […]

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