Microsoft uses Linux instead of Windows for its Azure Sphere


Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will be using Linux OS instead of Windows 10 to bring IoT security and Connectivity to Multiple Cloud environments. Announcing the same at the RSA Conference last week, the company disclosed that the move will help the firm adhere to new crossover a class of Micro Controller Units that incorporate real-time and application processors with inbuilt Microsoft Security Technology and Connectivity.

Technically speaking, Microsoft Azure Sphere helps to connect Micro Controller Units or MCUs incorporated into cloud-connected devices. Means in simple terms Microsoft has designed a family of Arm-based silicon wafers for connecting to the Internet of Things with the Azure host running in the background.

As an open source technology will help in reshaping the IoT core, Microsoft has decided to bypass its own Windows 10 Operating system in favor of Linux OS on this account.

Thus, with the latest inclusion of innovation onto its platform Azure Sphere will be compatible with any cloud from now on and its chip design can be used by any manufacturer at ‘Zero Cost’.

Azure Sphere’s first chip MediaTek MT3620 will be available by this year end and Microsoft President Brad Smith expects to ship such chips in 9 billion in number by the end of next year.

The Redmond giant also announced that it is committing $5 billion to research and development of IoT technologies. In next two years, the software giant has plans to reorganize the company into 2 divisions- Cloud + AI and Experiences & Devices.

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