Mobile Security for Microsoft Windows Phone users’ ends so what’s next


All Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone users are hereby informed that the support for their devices will end from December 10 this year and they will no longer receive any updated or assistance at all from Microsoft from then on.

Readers of this article have to notify a fact over here that the tech giant ceased support for Windows 8.1 Mobile in 2017 and has made it official that Win 10 phones will no longer be available for sale from Feb 1st, 2019 and the manufacturing of the phone has been stopped long back.

Why is Microsoft ending support for Windows 10 Mobile Phones?

Industry analysts say that Microsoft took the decision to end the support for its phones due to the fact that people are more interested in adopting Android or iOS platforms and have shown less interest from the beginning of the Windows operated from since early 2017.

Will the apps support Windows 10 devices from January next year?

Yes, says an official statement of Microsoft. The application will function normally as they are intended to be unless the third party developers think otherwise.

Will the phones operating on the OS work thereafter?

Yes, the phones operating with the said OS will function normally. However, the tech giant will not roll out any security updates and so the users will be using the devices at their own risk.

So, what’s next for Windows 10 Mobile users?

Well, buying a new Android or iOS phone as early as possible or during the Thanksgiving or holiday season of 2019 will be the best move. Although, wonder how many are still using Microsoft OS loaded devices. And to those who still desire to use the phone, it is better you keep a back up of your contacts, messages, photos, videos and WhatsApp data.

Note- After buying Nokia from Google, Microsoft started to push its Win 10 OS through the sales of Nokia phones. However, as the demand was more towards Android devices, the company later stopped rolling out Nokia phones with the Microsoft owned OS and started selling the devices with Android Nougat and later versions of Google OSes.

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