Nokia starts a Cybersecurity Testing Lab for 5G Networks

Nokia, once renowned for its amazing mobile phones, has now developed a testing lab completely dedicated to cybersecurity in the United States. The new Dallas, Texas-based Advanced Security Testing and Research (ASTaR) Lab will be fully based on a 5G network and will be useful in putting IoT products based on 5G to test against […]

Cyber Attacks on IoT devices are increasing says Nokia survey

As most of the internet connected devices are lacking basic security protections, cyber criminals are using automated tools to launch cyber attacks by exploiting vulnerabilities says a survey conducted by Nokia. Nokia’s security report concluded that over 33% of IoT or internet connected devices are infected- up from 16% in 2019. So, this clearly shows […]

Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab helps detect Corona Virus Cyber Threats

Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab which is into the detection of malware on IoT devices has started to detect cyber threats related to COVID 19. And as per their study, currently, they are two main types of malware that are circulating on the web and related to Coronavirus Outbreak.   The first one happens to be […]

Mobile Security for Microsoft Windows Phone users’ ends so what’s next

All Microsoft Windows 10 mobile phone users are hereby informed that the support for their devices will end from December 10 this year and they will no longer receive any updated or assistance at all from Microsoft from then on. Readers of this article have to notify a fact over here that the tech giant […]

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dell sign Cyber Attack pledge

Microsoft, Facebook, Dell and 37 other companies operating in the United States have signed a Cyber Attack pact pledging not to assist offensive government cyber attacks. That means, even if the government of United States desires to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of its enemy nations ( like Russia, China, and North Korea), […]

Nokia eSBC software helps mitigate Cyber Attacks

Nokia has launched a new Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) to bring in secure and high-quality IP Voice and video services to enterprise customers. Also, the software is said to have the potential to mitigate cyber attacks and block unauthorized access attempts. Nokia eSBC actually acts as gatekeeper software for applications related to enterprise communications. […]

Windows 10 users will still get Mobile Security updates despite its death!

Microsoft has finally announced that its Windows 10 Mobile Operating system is dead and will no longer develop new features or hardware for the said OS. Joe Belfiore, the Vice President of Operating Systems division revealed this update to the world through his twitter account and added that those using Windows 10 based Mobile devices […]

Google to acquire HTC and might declare the merger by this weekend

Google is all set to acquire HTC by this weekend for $1.6 billion and is said to make an official announcement by tomorrow. And as a first step to complete the deal, HTC is said to have suspended trading of its stock on the TWSE from September 21st, 2017. But the mobile manufacturer is yet […]

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