Nokia eSBC software helps mitigate Cyber Attacks


Nokia has launched a new Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) to bring in secure and high-quality IP Voice and video services to enterprise customers. Also, the software is said to have the potential to mitigate cyber attacks and block unauthorized access attempts.

Nokia eSBC actually acts as gatekeeper software for applications related to enterprise communications. It optimized the use of IP bandwidth for communications and blocks unauthorized access attempts.

On an overall note, Nokia eSBC offers cost-effective controls, tools to secure and managed media and allows signaling streams to cross the network edges.

“In general traditional firewalls fail to identify a certain type of traffic as attack traffic such as SIP Invites or UDP packet traffic. These attacks occur in the application layer or have the general context of the application, but occur at a lower layer in the stack. Nokia Session Border Controller has the ability to protect the interfaces of IP communications against these types of attacks, where a general purpose firewall proves ineffective”, said Bryan Davis, Marketing Director at Nokia.

Nokia eSBC was designed to sit in front of the SIP stack back-end processing function to block cyber attacks of all types, thus making it as an application-aware firewall.

Nokia in its official announcement said that its new software runs on popular hypervisors providing its customer’s new features and capabilities and that too allowing them to pay as per their need. Also, users of eSBC can also connect to all types of PBX, VoIP, Call center and UC systems within their network easily.

Note- Hypervisor is software which allows its users to host multiple virtual machines on a single computer system running on top of a regular operating system. Some hypervisors can also be installed on bare metal environments, where virtual machines run directly on hardware i.e. hard disk rather than the host operating system.

Naveen Goud
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