Windows 10 users will still get Mobile Security updates despite its death!


Microsoft has finally announced that its Windows 10 Mobile Operating system is dead and will no longer develop new features or hardware for the said OS. Joe Belfiore, the Vice President of Operating Systems division revealed this update to the world through his twitter account and added that those using Windows 10 based Mobile devices will still get the security updates on a regular note at least till mid-2019.

Joe added that Microsoft will support its mobile platform with bug fixes and security updates till the company decides to pull it off on a permanent note in 2019.

The corporate vice president also hinted that he has switched off from Windows phone to a rival mobile operating system which is iOS and added that he choose ‘what is best 4 him’

In Sept’17 Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates also revealed that he is using an Android device of Samsung make for his office communication and will go for the latest Apple device for personal use from December this year.

Going forward, from past 2 years, there were rumors that Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone which will have all new flagship smartphone features and will run on Windows 10 mobile version. But now, the latest announcement of Joe has put an end to all such buzz on one go and has also hinted that Nokia’s acquisition is also not proving profitable to Microsoft anymore.

Last year, there were rumors that Microsoft is trying to get rid of Nokia business by selling it to Chinese firm Lenovo. But in January this year, the software giant disclosed that all new Nokia devices will from now on run on the hit version of Android to see a rise on profit scale.

But that isn’t happening in reality as the Nokia Phones running on the latest Android are finding it hard to compete on price point and features with other makers such as Samsung, Lenovo, Motorola, and Apple.

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