The Differences Between DLP, IAM, SIEM, and Varonis Solutions


You can’t always do it all alone and sometimes you need help from your friends. It’s good life advice, and as it turns out, good advice for a security solution. A multi-pronged security program that uses a mix of technologies and approaches is the best way to reduce risk and to protect your organization’s most important data resources.

For example, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are often used to help protect sensitive data as it moves around the network and makes its way to endpoint devices.
Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions complement DLP by connecting disparate authentication services together, so that when users need to access systems or applications, they make a request through a single service. And Security Information Event Management (SIEM) tools aggregate, correlate, and help analyze the logs from a variety of different sources in a single repository.

Yes, organizations often employ some or all of DLP, IAM, and SIEM in a best-of-the best approach. But what are the differences in each of these technologies, and how do they relate to Varonis, which is neither DLP, IAM, or SIEM?

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