Huawei 5G Mobile Security risks can be managed says the UK

Britain’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has issued a green signal to the use of 5G technology from the Chinese company Huawei and added in its statement that the mobile security risks involved in using the technology from the company can be managed with precision.

Thus, UK becomes the only country to support the innovation of the Chinese vendor as US, Japan, New Zealand, Australia have decided to continue their support on banning the vendor from selling the technology in their region.

As 5G networks are about to roll out across the globe, with China leading the pack; technology lovers say that it can bring in a revolution in the adoption of IoT- as speeds can reach up to 20x higher than those of today’s 4G along with minimal latency.

According to Cody Brocious, the head of the hacker education at bug bounty platform HackerOne, those devices which use the network will be vulnerable to security risks and not the 5G network- as suggested by some news resources.

Thus, Brocious is urging manufacturers of IoT to design their future devices in such a way that most of the security concerns prevailing in today’s world are addressed.

Whether connected over 5G or 4G or wireline, the devices should be in a position to mitigate the risks says Cody.

Note 1- Last week, the London based GSMA- the mobile network operator’s trade body said that European Policymakers should start outlining 5G testing assurance and certification regime in order to win the trust of the 5G users- like how GDPR in May last year has induced a trust among the users of online services that their data is safe.

However, most of the policy crafting schedule will depend a lot on Theresa May’s BREXIT developments as UK’s withdrawal from European Union (EU) is predicted to show a lot of influence on the rest of the populace of Europe.

Note 2- Huawei, was founded by ex-chief military officer Ren Zhengfie and as per the latest laws in China, all companies operating in the region or abroad and using products & services of China should support, co-operate and collaborate in “National Intelligence Work”.

Naveen Goud
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