Huawei ban might see Phone Signal Blackouts across UK


If British Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes a U-Turn from allowing Chinese telecom firm Huawei in building a 5G network in UK, then almost all phone users living across Britain might witness a phone signal blackout for 2-5 days says Howard Watson, the Chief Technology and Information Officer for BT Group Plc.

It’s already a known fact that from the past two weeks there has been extreme pressure on Britain from Trump Administration to impose a ban on Huawei’s business in the region citing espionage, data steal, and national security concerns.

Therefore, the British Telecom Chief says that any tightening of restrictions on the Chinese vendor will lead to disruptions, higher prices for customers and delay in establishing 5G services in the region.

UK is not in a position to turn nations like US into adversaries by disobeying their sanctions on Huawei as they found the equipment to be unreliable and insecure.

Shutting down doors in next threats years is like inviting trouble as it might lead to disruptions in phone signals as the officials need to switch off the entire network for two days or more says Mr. Watson.

In January 2020, Britain proposed the usage cap to the use of Huawei equipment not over 35% by 2023.

And if, UK tightens the current guidelines, we need to spend hugely to build the infrastructure from zero which might invite constraints related to budget and spending.

Experts say that such decisions need at least 5 years time to be implemented without troubles as removing Huawei kits from the phone signaling pole masts within 2 years is like inviting a blackout of phone signals for 2 or more days- as the disruption time frame strictly depends on how deep the network has to be dug out to favor.

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