IBM offers AI enabled ransomware resilience data storage solutions

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Amidst the prevailing wave of Artificial Intelligence technology, IBM has aligned itself with the trend by introducing an AI-driven ransomware resilience solution for data storage. This innovative offering is poised to tackle the diverse array of file-encrypting malware prevalent in today’s cyber landscape.

Harnessing the power of IBM FlashCore Module technology within its FlashSystem products, bolstered by IBM Storage Defender Software, this solution stands as a formidable defense against cyber threats targeting data assets.

Functioning seamlessly across primary and secondary workloads, IBM’s solution deploys AI-powered sensors strategically placed at key notification points. These sensors play a pivotal role in swiftly detecting and responding to cyber-attacks, enabling enterprises to recover with minimal disruption.

At its core, the IBM FlashSystem leverages cutting-edge technology to scan incoming data at the granular block level, ensuring robust protection without compromising performance. Employing in-line data corruption detection software alongside cloud-based AI capabilities, the system can identify anomalies at the earliest stages of a cyber-attack. This early detection affords organizations the critical time needed to respond effectively, enabling them to recover using immutable copies of their data.

Thanks to the utilization of flash storage media, each individual input/output operation undergoes thorough scanning for ransomware-related anomalies in a matter of minutes.

While similar solutions exist in the market, IBM, affectionately known as “Big Blue,” distinguishes itself by offering an unparalleled combination of hardware and software technologies. This ensures that stored information remains impeccably safeguarded against evolving cyber threats.

Recognizing the growing demand for cybersecurity expertise, IBM has partnered with ISC2 to develop a certification program tailored to aspiring professionals. The Cybersecurity Specialist Professional Certificate, designed to elevate careers in the security domain, offers a comprehensive curriculum achievable within a four-month timeframe. This initiative aims to alleviate the significant gap between the demand and supply of cybersecurity professionals, which currently stands at approximately four million, by cultivating a skilled workforce equipped to tackle emerging cyber challenges.

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