India corona fighting digital platform COWIN gets hacked


India’s Corona fighting digital platform COWIN Portal has been reportedly been hacked by a hacker who is ready to sell the access details and some health worker data to interested parties. It has to be notified over here that the hacker advertised about the hack on Twitter and invited bids from interested parties by this weekend, after which it can possibly be sold on the dark web.

COWIN did not acknowledge the incident yet and stated that it is still busy investigating the claims.

News resource Zee Digital published this news on its website and in an exclusive update made on air a couple of hours ago.

FYI, the incident took place when the Chinese army was fighting with the Indian military on the borders, taking claim of a particular area that is now on the subcontinent. And it coincidentally took place in a time frame of a couple of weeks when All India Institute of Medical Sciences aka AIIMS was hit by a cyber attack in which details of about 3 crore patients were accessed by hackers- though yet to be confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, security experts confirmed that the attack on the healthcare sector should act as a wake up call to Shri Narendra Modi led nation and it should act swiftly to bolster its national infrastructure from state funded attacks emerging from the Xi Jinping led nation.

The issue was raised by Opposition Congress Minister of Parliament Shashi Tharoor in the Indian Parliament in winter session and Mr. Tharoor stated that the BJP government must launch a national level inquiry.

NOTE- The hackers’ name is Nazila Blackhat and is a member of ‘Shield Iran Security Team’, an APT group working for Iran and possibly funded by China and Russia to attack adversaries.


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