iPhone iOS 16 update might trigger mobile security concerns

In September 2022, Apple Inc will release its iOS 16 to all smart phones in its ecosystem and is urging every device user of its to upgrade their device software with the new one. But what’s tricking in this OS upgrade is that it only works with the models related to iPhone 8 and above and cannot be downloaded by other phones such as iPhone 7 and the previous ones.

Now enters the big trouble, as the iPhone producer will not be releasing security updates to device models that are existing iPhone 8.

This can then lead to further troubles, as hackers can exploit the recurring vulnerabilities that can lead to further troubles.

Previously, Apple issued updates for iOS 14 for months after the release of iOS 15. But now the American tech giant seems to involve in business improvement tactics such as Vendor Lock-In and new OS release, so that the user doesn’t desire to go to other brand phones running on Android phones and buys in a new device to stay inside the Apple iOS user ecosystem.

Apparently, neither the MacOS producing giant has admitted or denied on these developments. But is planning to announce it as a conformation at the end of next month.

iPhone users are being requested to be vigilant about SMSs and email attachments sent by unknown senders, as they can lead them to malicious website links and download nefarious payloads.

NOTE- In July first week, the company announced the release of a new feature termed Lockdown mode designed to prevent targeted cyber attacks at its users. The aim behind the release of this feature is to combat attacks related to spyware.


Naveen Goud
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