Iran reports a cyber attack on Strait of Hormuz Port


Iran released a press statement on Sunday saying that a group of computers in Strait of Hormuz Port were disrupted due to a cyber attack on Friday last week. However, the Gulf nation specified in its statement that the digital attack on port located in Bandar Abbas was neutralized on time and so no port operations were disrupted.


Tehran also released an official statement on the fire that erupted on the naval ship named Konarak and stated that there was no relationship between the cyber attack which took place on the port and the fire accident which occurred on Konarak. 


However, the officials cautioned that their critical infrastructure was being constantly targeted by cyber-attacks launched by some foreign nations hailing in the West. 


Mohammad Rastad, the Minister for Road and Urban Development in Iran claimed that there was a failed infiltration activity on Ports and Maritime Organization’s (PMO) systems last week and he strategically suspected some foreign government’s involvement behind the cybercrime.


When it comes to adversaries, Iran considers the United States as its biggest cyber and also vice versa. 


Note- From the past few decades or so, the United States has always attributed Iran as its prime adversary- especially after the 1979-81 Iran Hostage Crisis. And from Jan’2020 Iran and the US entered into open conflict after the later killed Suleiman in a drone attack allowing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) for launching a missile attack in retaliation killing over a 100 US soldiers housed in two Iraqi Military bases.

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