Italy on high alert as Russian Killnet group starts Cyber Attacks


Italy has placed all its Critical Infrastructure on high alert as it is facing a cyber threat from the Pro-Russian hacking group Killnet. Information is out that the group of cybercriminals has already hit the infrastructure with digital assaults that have been neutralized by Italy’s Computer Security Incident Response Team(CSIRT).

However, the intensity of the attacks is increasing because of sophistication and so CSIRT has asked all public and private entities to increase vigil over their digital infrastructure.

About 3,000 attacks were launched on the infrastructure between May 11 to May 21, and this includes the attack launched on the voting system of the Eurovision Song Contest that witnessed Ukraine winning the competition on a high note.

Meanwhile, the Anonymous hacking group has made it official that it has officially started a cyberwar on Killnet infrastructure via DDoS attacks and will try to nibble it from its roots. And to a certain extent, the organization succeeded in doing so.

However, Kremlin-backed Killnet is adamant in targeting the infrastructure of Ukraine and is also into downing other infrastructure of countries that are supporting Zelensky by offering essentials, artillery, and finances.

NOTE-Anonymous has also warned the Chinese government about launching any kind of war on Taiwan. The hacking group claims to have full control over the nuclear power stations operating in the Republic of China and can trigger devastation within no time.


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