Italy on high alert as Russian Killnet group starts Cyber Attacks

Italy has placed all its Critical Infrastructure on high alert as it is facing a cyber threat from the Pro-Russian hacking group Killnet. Information is out that the group of cybercriminals has already hit the infrastructure with digital assaults that have been neutralized by Italy’s Computer Security Incident Response Team(CSIRT). However, the intensity of the […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) The government of Britain has announced that it is going to sue United States-based Facial Recognition for Clearview AI Inc. for £7.5 million, as it was indulging in fraudulent activities to get user information without their prior consent. UK’s ICO has announced an investigation on this note and revealed that Clearview got and used […]

Anonymous used Conti Ransomware to down Russian Satellites

All these days, Anonymous Group was releasing updates on the cyber attacks it carried out on the critical infrastructure of the Russian Federation in retaliation for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Finland in the coming days. Now, Network Battalion 65, a hackers group related to the Anonymous Group, has released a media update that it […]

Anonymous leaks a million emails from Russian state media

Anonymous, an internationally recognized hacking group, has leaked over 900,000 emails belonging to Russian state media channels. Reports are in that the emails spanning over 20 years was stolen from an archival database running in Moscow. Ukrainian hacktivists’ group, known as Network Battalion, made the leak 65 aka NB65 having links to Anonymous. Highly placed […]

There is no proof of a Russian TV hack

Right from the day the war started between Russia and Ukraine, many news resources were seen publishing many reports on several topics. It includes reports linked to oil imports, sanctions, trade ban, export of agricultural produce to the Putin-led nation. One such buzz that has been trending for the past two days is related to […]

Hacking group Anonymous declares Cyber War on Russia

As the Russia war on Ukraine is heavily trending on Google, here’s a news piece that’s related and might be of interest. Hacking Group Anonymous has declared a cyber war against Russia on Twitter and claimed their latest victim by disrupting the services of Russian Government News Resource RT. The team of hackers made an […]

Anonymous hacking group to target Elon Musk Tesla

Anonymous, an international hacking group having a history of hacking Financial firm PayPal has issued a warning that Tesla Chief Elon Musk will have to face serious digital consequences if he doesn’t mend his ways on Twitter.   Last week, Musk disclosed his mind about Cryptocurrencies on his Twitter page and went to an extent […]

Cyber Attack on Federal Communications Commission by Anonymous!

A notorious hacktivist group ‘Anonymous’ has threatened to launch a destructive cyber attack on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website in protest of plans to break net neutrality. Since the group is known to launch Distributed Denial of Services to realize their objective, FCC is in the plan of reviewing its security policies which are […]

Spanish Government websites witness Free Catalonia Cyber Attacks!

From past couple of weeks, Hackers group called Anonymous has targeted institutions working for Spanish Government with Catalonia Cyber Attacks. The group announced yesterday that it was launching attacks on government-owned websites in retaliation to the ongoing Catalan Independence Crisis. The online activist’s group has launched “Operation Catalonia” attacks in October first week on a […]

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