Hacking group Anonymous declares Cyber War on Russia


As the Russia war on Ukraine is heavily trending on Google, here’s a news piece that’s related and might be of interest. Hacking Group Anonymous has declared a cyber war against Russia on Twitter and claimed their latest victim by disrupting the services of Russian Government News Resource RT.

The team of hackers made an official announcement about the attack and re-affirmed that the list of victims will increase in coming days.

RT, that operates for Kremlin, was brought down by hackers in what seems to be a sophisticated attack and a source from Daily Mail confirmed that it will take days for the TV channel to recover from the incident.

Preliminary inquires reveal that the digital attack partially paralyzed the broadcast services of the Russian Television. However, the staff of the TV channel were clever enough to mitigate the risks at the earliest, thus averting a total blackout.

An online tech forum that supports the activities of Anonymous stated that the hacking team is now busy in launching a sophisticated attack on banks operating in Moscow and are intending to drain the finances as quickly as possible.

Remember, Anonymous is the same hacking group that issued a warning to Tesla Chief Elon Musk in July last year that he will have to pay a big penalty if he doesn’t mend his ways of taking control of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Note- The members of Anonymous are known as Anon’s and are recognized online with their Guy Fawkes Masks. They act as online robin-hoods and try to mend ways of cyber terrorists or the state funded actors who are found targeting critical infrastructure such as power stations. A report released by FBI in 2019 claimed that the members of the gang were mostly found hiding in nations such as UK, Australia, US, the Netherlands, Spain and Turkey and are nowadays on hunt for pedophiles.


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