Kaseya Ransomware Attack Update


Kaseya Software Company has released an update that all its software users who have fallen prey to the ransomware attack will receive a free decryptor to unlock their database files on a respective note. Thus, all those companies who are in negotiations with the ransomware spreading gang can pause their activity as they will get a decryption key all for free.

To those uninitiated about the incident, here’s a brief update. On July 2nd,2021 Kaseya, that is into the business of Kaseya Software, was hit by a ransomware attack initiated by REvil ransomware group that disrupted the servers of over 1000 of its clients.

The Florida based company has released a press statement yesterday that says that Kaseya victims will get a universal key that will help them bring back access to their database again.

Although the company did not disclose which company is helping it to come out of this situation, a reliable source has reported that experts from a cybersecurity firm named Emsisoft will help the Managed Service Provider(MSP) to come out of the incident.

Going with the details, REvil is a ransomware group that is suspected to be linked to Russian Intelligence. And it usually offers a master key to decrypt files, unless a ransom payment ranging between $50m to $70m is paid in Monero Cryptocurrency.

Malware analysts argue that the government of Russian under the leadership of Vladimir Putin could have seized the key from the criminals and handed it over to the intermediaries to do the favor to victims.

Note- Dana Liedholm, the official spokesperson of Kaseya, confirmed the incident and added that the company has taken all appropriate security measures to avoid such incidents in the future.

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