Ransomware news trending on Google

1. A Financial service offering company to healthcare industry has admitted that a ransomware attack on its data firm could have led to a data breach affecting over 600 healthcare establishments. The firm that is being discussed is Professional Finance Company Inc (PFC) and was founded in the year 1904 and allows customers of various […]

Apple iOS 15 fixes a critical zero day vulnerability with update

All Apple iPhone and iPAD users are issued a warning about a critical zero day vulnerability that has to be fixed on an immediate note. The technology company has issued a fix to the vulnerability that not only quashes the flaw but also protects device users from poor battery life. So, it is better if […]

Kaseya Ransomware Attack Update

Kaseya Software Company has released an update that all its software users who have fallen prey to the ransomware attack will receive a free decryptor to unlock their database files on a respective note. Thus, all those companies who are in negotiations with the ransomware spreading gang can pause their activity as they will get […]

Twitter Hack 2020 culprit arrested in Spain

Twitter Cyber Attack 2020, that witnessed the breach of over 130 celebrity accounts in July last year, has witnessed a development recently. A 23-year-old British man named Joseph O’Connor, well known online with the name as ‘PlugWalkJoe’ was arrested by the Spanish National Police early this week. Joseph who hails from Liverpool is suspected to […]

Beware of this web-based Microsoft Help Desk

A research carried out by a security firm has discovered a fraudulent help desk that is being circulated on the web through phishing email campaigns. And the highlight of this campaign is that it is running in the name of tech giant Microsoft and in disguise of a critical ransomware update that is essential for […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. Earlier this week, S4 Inc. announced that it has been added to (ISC)²’s roster of Official Training Providers. Based in Colorado Springs, S4 is celebrating its 20th anniversary and has supported US Government, DoD and DHS agencies since 1999. Read more here: https://blog.isc2.org/isc2_blog/2019/09/new-isc2-official-training-provider-s4-inc.html Photo:www.lsgtx.com

Apple iOS 13 gets new Mobile Security Features

Apple iOS 13 was finally out on September 19th, 2019 and the iPhone maker claims that its latest operating system has a whole new level of features when it comes to data security and thwarting measures from the latest threats lurking in the cyber landscape. As the new operating system from the tech giant will […]

Norsk Hydro ransomware attack costs $52 million

Norway based aluminum manufacturer Norsk Hydro has released a press statement today which says that the company could have incurred $52 million or 450 million Norwegian crowns in the 1st quarter. Sources say that the malware attack has made the Oslo based firm to postpone its Q1 earnings update to June 5th this year as […]

Apple releases iOS 12.2 with bug fixes for over 50 mobile security issues

Apple Inc has addressed almost 50 mobile security issues with the release of its latest iOS 12.2 updates. And the fix is said to support various issues maligning the company Airpods (eavesdropping), Animoji, AirPlay 2 and the newly launched Apple News+. Security analysts of Apple suggest that the iPhone maker has also covered the critical […]

Google Chrome users are vulnerable to cyber attacks

Google, the web search giant has issued a public statement yesterday urging its users to update their Chrome browsers with the latest version. According to Justin Schulz, the security and desktop engineer at Google, all old version chrome browsers are vulnerable to cyber attacks and to save your system from such incidents, it is better […]

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