Large scale cyber attacks on EU law enforcement agencies says EUROPOL

EUROPOL says that the law enforcement agencies operating across Europe are preparing for large scale cyberattacks from foreign countries. And to counter these attacks the EU council has decided to adopt an EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol which gives a pivotal role to EC3- European Cyber Crime Center.

“The whole framework is designed such that it can offer a coordinated response to large scale cyber attacks to security incidents and crisis”, said Wil Van Gemert, Deputy Executive director of operations at Europol.

We are here to protect the entire populace and critical infrastructure from state-funded actors added Mr. Gemert.

In another news related to cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of UK, Kew Gardens, National History Museum, Tate Gallery and Imperial War Museum are being targeted by over 109 million cyber attacks says a report from Parliament Street.

This is just an estimate and the actual count can vary says the research firm which later requested the start tourist place of attractions to uncover details on how secure their IT assets were.

Kew Gardens said that it has become a victim for more than 86 million times just last year. The Imperial War Museum has disclosed that it has been attacked for more than 10  times, while the Natural History Museum reported 874,413 incidents. Tate Britain and Modern reported of 494,000 cyber attacks on a collective note.

Spyware is reported to be the most prevalent cyber attack as it accounted for more than 83 million of attacks, while data leak attempts were made in 1.6 million cases.

Note- Parliament street is an innovative think tank that helps create a community of ideas. This 2012 company was founded by Patrick Sullivan.

Naveen Goud
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