Malware alert for Samsung QLED TV owners

    Samsung has yesterday issued a malware alert on its Twitter handle raising alarm to the customers who brought in its new QLED Smart TVs. The South Korea based electronics manufacturer said in its tweet to go for a virus scan in order to make the operations of the television function smoothly.

    The cyber threat on the scale could double if the users of the QLED TV have connected their devices to Wi-Fi.

    Providing details on how to do the malware scan, the Seoul based company says that scans scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis will help users protect their devices from malicious software attacks.

    Although the company’s tweet was a kind of tutorial, some users followed the message with great concern towards an underlying breach.

    In one tweet posted by a QLED user from Dubai, it was mentioned that the tutorial was posted as a reaction to a security incident detected by Samsung in western countries like the United States and the UK.

    The year 2016 began with some Twitter users highlighting a flaw in the connected TVs which allow hackers to take control of the devices to change channels, control volume, play YouTube Videos and drain out data packs.

    In the past, Samsung has faced immense allegations for recording what its customer say in front of their smart TVs via internal microphones.

    Note 1- As a precautionary measure and to put a full-stop on privacy concerns, Samsung started to offer virus scanning in its TVs since mid-2017.

    Note 2- Within a couple of hours yesterday, Samsung deleted the tweet related to ‘Malware Alert’ which was supposed to be a tutorial.

    Naveen Goud
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