Mediatek vulnerability in Android phones fixed


A serious vulnerability in MediaTek processors that could have allowed hackers to spy onto a targeted device has been fixed now. The technical flaw was detected in AI Processing Unit(APU) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and was having the potential of allowing a threat actor to eavesdrop on a user device and send media files to remote servers because of a malicious code injection.

Check Point Company was the first to reveal that flaw to the world and alert the security engineers at MediaTek who then took a note of the flaw and worked on it to issue a fix mid last week.

As per the statistics available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, over 33% of android phones operating around the world run on the MediaTek server. And the newly detected flaw could have affected millions of smart phones operating around the globe.

Tiger HSU, the product security officer at MediaTek, released a press statement in the last weekend stating that the issue has been resolved now and there was no evidence with the company that hackers might have already exploited the vulnerability so far.

Note 1- The exhibited flaw that is now patched allowed hackers to listen to the conversations made through the infected devices.

Note 2– MediaTek is a Taiwanese brand of semiconductor manufacturing company that offers silicon wafers to wireless communication systems, Smart TVs, mobiles, navigation systems, and is also into the manufacturing of optical disc drives.

Note 3- In early 2020, MediaTek was caught in a ‘Benchmark’ controversy as it tried to justify its optimal performance abilities of its Sports Mode enabled processors.

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