Microsoft offers deep analyses of SolarWinds Hack


SolarWinds hack seems to be a never-ending saga, as Microsoft President Brad Smith has made a new revelation yesterday stating over 1000 hackers could have been involved in the attack that questioned the security of the entire federal computer system by experts.

Smith, who commented on the issue during the CBS 60 minute program over the weekend, stated that the attack could have been the largest and most sophisticated in the entire history of United States.

The Tech giant’s president stated that it could have taken tremendous amounts of manpower to write over 4000 of the millions of lines of code in the SolarWinds Orion update that paved way to the compromise of 100’s of federal networks.

Microsoft that invested the minds of around 500 of its engineers in the SolarWinds Cyber Attack analysis concluded that the hackers had an asymmetric advantage.

Coming to the source code steal in the Microsoft scam, the investigations revealed that the threat actors somehow registered another phone number for some employees and surpassed the 2 factor authentication to gain access to the company servers.

It was through this backdoor that the engineers of FireEye sneaked into the servers of various companies only to discover that the hack was in fact a widespread state backed cyber espionage campaign probably launched by Russian Intelligence since 2018.

Note–In December 2020, security firm FireEye announced to the world that some state funded hackers targeted over 47 public and private entities operating in United States with an espionage related campaign

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