Microsoft seeks evidence from the US on Huawei espionage with its 5G network equipment


The Controversial trade war between the US and the Chinese Huawei 5G equipment suppliers has taken a new turn with American software giant Microsoft seeking evidence from the Trump administration that the 5G network equipment supplied by the Chinese telecom company is indeed conducting espionage.

Logically speaking trade wisely, Huawei happens to be the No 1 Telecom supplier and No 2 Phone manufactures in the world. However, as the company is facing severe criticism from the White House it sales and clientele list have taken a hit since August last year.

Although Huawei has long denied the allegations while claiming innocence, nothing much seems to have changed for it in the US on Trade front.

On September 9th, 2019, Microsoft President Brad Smith has put forward a request before the US government to offer more engaging evidence which backs up the Huawei ban. Also, the company wants to get clarification with valid proof that the alleged Chinese Professors indeed committed fraud by taking intelligence from a Californian tech company to Huawei’s headquarters.

To sustain a healthy trade relationship, Huawei decided to drop the lawsuit against US Government questioning its stand on returning telecom equipment. But US President Donald Trump looks unfazed as he still seems to be insisting on continuing Huawei’s business ban.

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