NASA’s Artemis Program plagued by Cyber Threats


    By the year 2024 NASA is planning to send astronauts to the moon for a couple of years of stay; after scientists found in 2002 that the moon has a conducive environment for humans to live. The space station has given a scientific name to this stay called the “Artemis Program” where the skilled crew is sent to the astronomical body for 600 days stay.

    On June 13th,2019 Jim Bridenstine, the administration chief at NASA confirmed that the mission was on and could cost the agency a total of $20-$30 billion for a 2-year expedition to Lunar South Pole of the moon where water has been found.

    But now the scientists fear that Artemis Program might be plagued with cyber threats as hostile nations and organized cyber crooks would like to attack and exploit NASA and its commercial partners for financial gain.

    NASA spokesperson Bob Jacobs said that the expedition to the moon might get degraded by nations who like to disrupt the lunar mission of United States for Geo-political reasons.

    It can take place as the IT in cyberspace is interconnected and any possible attack on the network could jeopardize the operations of Artemis Program.

    However, not all seem to be bad at this juncture as NASA has already outlined certain defensive measures to safeguard the lunar campaign from possible cyber threats.

    As the white house has allocated sufficient funds for the Lunar Gateway- the only staging point for the mission to the moon, the internationally renowned space station says that the mission will be an absolute success as the resources can prove more than sufficient if smartly utilized.

    Note- NASA named the human’s mission to the moon as Artemis as she was supposed to be the Olympian goddess of Moon, Chasity, and Hunt- according to Greek mythology. She was a sister to Apollo and was tricked to killer her lover Orion by her own brother i.e Apollo.

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