Ransomware gang breaches NASA and US Nuclear Missile IT Contractors

As per a report aired on Sky News, Maze Ransomware spreading gang has targeted a US Nuclear Missile IT Contactor hailing from New Mexico stealing a small portion of information and encrypting few of the servers storing sensitive data from being accessed further. The company in the discussion is Westech International which was founded in […]

Google Trending News related to Cybersecurity

1.) A sting operation carried out by a security researcher from Emsisoft has found that ransomware recovery firm in the UK named RedMosquito has been simply negotiating ransom payments with hackers and charging the clients with inflated bills. Going into the details, the UK firm which specializes in rescuing machines infected with malware; when contacted […]

NASA’s Artemis Program plagued by Cyber Threats

By the year 2024 NASA is planning to send astronauts to the moon for a couple of years of stay; after scientists found in 2002 that the moon has a conducive environment for humans to live. The space station has given a scientific name to this stay called the “Artemis Program” where the skilled crew […]

US Government Shutdown made NASA vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Recent US Government Shutdown which lasted for almost 35 days is said to have put the employees of NASA to extreme cyber risks. Yes, you’ve read it right! The shutdown not only failed to pay the employees the salary but also stalled several critical science missions and exposed them to cyber threats launched by the […]

Blockchain technology to help NASA curb Cyber Attacks on Airport control stations

All these days, we have seen Blockchain Technology helping financial business streams such as Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies trading. Pretty soon, we will see NASA using them to curb cyber attacks on Airport control stations – provided the research goes positive. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the US space agency will be taking the help […]

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