NATO withstands 500 Cyber Attacks a day!

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization also known as North Atlantic Alliance is said to be witnessing around 500 cyber attacks a day on its database. Jens Stoltenberg, the Chief of the said military alliance headquartered in Belgium said that the organization was already working hard to boost its online defense capabilities.

According to the revelations made by Mr. Jens, cyber attacks on NATO database have increased by 60% compared to 2015. And what’s intriguing in this issue is that most of the attacks were stemmed by National Institutions of other countries- means they were literally State-Sponsored attacks.

Voicing deep concerns on the latest developments, Jen Stoltenberg said that cyber defense will play a key role in the next NATO Summit which will be hosted in Brussels in March this year.

After reviewing the cyber attack reports, Stoltenberg has disclosed that the defense readiness of NATO has to be improved on a serious note, in wake of the latest cyber-related incidences.

As several western countries like Britain, France, and Germany have warned of a rise in cyber attacks, NATO will also look to boost its defense infrastructure in order to cope with the new front.

Chief of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg has disclosed that in the next meet of his organization a special cyber team involving experts from Nations such as the US, UK and Asia will be formed to combat growing cyber attacks against the military database.

Going into the history, NATO which is an intergovernmental military alliance was formed on April 4th, 1949. The organization acts a system of collective defense, where all 28 member states agree to mutually respond to all external party attacks of all sorts.

NOTE- A new headquarters for North Atlantic Alliance is being readied in the outskirts of Brussels and will be ready for the next meet. The new NATO office will be a glass fronted décor made at a cost of One Billion Euros consisting space for 28 offices of all member nations.

Naveen Goud
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