North Korea tags the United States as a Hacking Empire


A couple of months ago, United States accused North Korea of launching cyber attacks on many international banks and other institutions all around the world. Early this week, North Korea reacted to these allegations by saying that it has no need to indulge in such activities and added that United States was, in fact, hosting a hacking empire- referring to Wikileaks claims that US CIA has the potential to hack any computing device in the world.

Korea’s state-controlled news agency, KCNA published a report saying that the United States       has proved that it has a mindset of bullying countries by launching cyber attacks. It added that the fed is taking everything as granted in the name of national security and so has to pay a high price in coming months.

KCNA added that the US-backed hackers have for many years launched massive cyber attacks on other nations. But has never accepted it and instead labeled other nations as hacking states. For instance, in the year 2014, United States accused North Korea of launching cyber attacks on Sony Pictures.

But North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un denied the allegations and has now labeled the accusing state as “Hacking Umpire”.

In the meantime, Russian media has supported the allegations of North Korea put on the United States and has put forward a similar viewpoint. It added that from 2012, former US President Barack Obama has been spying on other nations political activities and the clear-cut proof for these allegations were former NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations.

Note- It has to notified over here that from the day Edward Snowden leaked NSA activities to the world, the tainted contractor has been taking asylum in Russia.

White House is yet to react to the allegations put forth by North Korea.

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