NSA Edward Snowden criticizes British govt for spying on citizen communication

Edward Snowden who previously whistle blew on the surveillance program taken up by the US National Security Agency has revealed some startling facts about the Boris Johnson-led government recently.

The former contractor claims that the British government was involved in intercepting, harvesting & analyzing huge amounts of communication data generated by British Citizens and others across the world.

The basic intent is to spy on the communication and online activities of the populace without their consent. And such actions can poison society says, Snowden.

And this breaches the law meant for the right to respect for private and family life communications along with freedom of expression of the populace.

All these facts were revealed in a court case titled ‘Big Brother Watch Vs the populace of United Kingdom’ where further media speculations were heard by the court that the 2016 Investigatory Powers Act prohibiting digital invasion will be replaced by new legislation that the British government claims to provide greater insight to such surveillance strategies.

Silkie Carlo, the Director of Big Brother Watch revealed that the govt was indeed involved in mass spying on the UK populace and the European Court of Human Rights prohibits such acts under the right to privacy and free expression of speech.

Strasbourg-based Human Rights Court is yet to decide on whether the government has such powers on conducting espionage on citizens and will come to a conclusion after it hears the version of the government’s legal representative.

Naveen Goud
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