Nupur Sharma comments on Prophet Mohammad leads to data leak of millions of Indian Citizens

Indian BJP Party’s ex spokesperson Nupur Sharma made some derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammad last week and that led to a series of cyber attacks on Indian government websites and a leak of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

According to a revelation made by an online resource, website defacement and hacks occurred as soon as Ms. Sharma, who is also a lawyer by profession, made some derogatory remarks against Saint Prophet leading to cyber attacks on several governments owned websites.

DragonForce, a pro-Palestine hacktivist group of Malaysia, took a claim of the hack and also revealed that it has siphoned data belonging to over 6,200,350 Indian Citizens.

To prove their claims, the hackers released about 400 MB of data at the end of last week and about 137 Megabytes of data early today and the information such as names, contact numbers, location and social media accounts of Indian users was put for sale on the dark web.

Security analysts state that such information has a lot of demand on the dark web, as it can be used for identity theft, SIM card cloning, phishing, online harassment, and banking frauds.

Prima facie revealed that the info was siphoned from servers related to a social media website.

However, hackers are claiming to have more sensitive info with them such as cooking gas account info, bank account numbers linked to the gas subsidy, health insurance numbers and other such info that might have been stolen from an archival database belonging to UIDAI or Aadhaar. This information is yet to be confirmed, though.

Note- Opposition parties of BJP such as Congress and some state level political outfits such as Shiv Sena, TRS and MIM want Nupur Sharma to be arrested and sent to prison as she has triggered unnecessary communal tension among the public of the Indian subcontinent. BJP is yet to take a decision on this note but has issued a press update that the Ms. Sharma has was been sacked from the post and will be prosecuted as per the law.

Naveen Goud
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