Password characters that neutralize brute force attacks


According to a report released by Hive Systems, those who are using an 18 character long password will have maximum security of protecting their account. And those who use a 4-5 digit character password will have to let go of their account to hackers one day.

Cyber Security firm Hive Systems states those who create and use a password that is a mixture of characters, numbers and special characters will have the resilience of thwarting any brute force attack.

It was detected in the study cum analysis that passwords having 4,5,10, and 12 characters are easy to break for the cyber crooks. While those who go for a 16-18 character password are hard nuts to crack.

Hive Systems survey also reports that it will take 3 weeks for a hacker to guess a number only password, while those involving lower case letters as passwords can keep an account hack from cyber attack away for almost 2 million years.

And coming to the password that comprises lower and uppercase characters, it is estimated that it takes over 467 billion years for cyber crooks to guess the content and compromise an account.

Those who practice cyber hygiene of using a lowercase, uppercase, number, and a special character will witness a trouble-free future, as it takes 438 trillion years for a criminal to break into an account.

What the report means is that online users should start practicing a culture of using a long password- say of 18 characters that comprise a lower case, upper case characters along with numbers and special symbols as there is very less probability of being attacked, digitally.

So, what are you waiting for..?

Go for a password that is a mixture of special symbols, numbers, and a combination of lowercase and uppercase alphabets. And never reveal it to anyone.

Ensure that you change your password once or twice a month.

Note- Brute Force attack is a kind of sophisticated cyber-attack where hackers or cybercriminals input passwords in an automated way, hoping to guess the right phrase to get into an account.


Naveen Goud is a writer at Cybersecurity Insiders covering topics such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Startups, Cyber Attacks, Cloud Security and Mobile Security

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