PRODUCT REVIEW: Radiant Security Gen AI SOC Co-Pilot

Today’s Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are under immense pressure as they face an onslaught of challenges: a rising volume of security alerts, increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, and a persistent shortage of skilled analysts.

This combination leads to a heightened risk of breaches from overlooked threats, alert fatigue among existing staff, and difficulty in effectively identifying and mitigating threats.

The Radiant Security Gen AI SOC Co-pilot addresses these critical issues head-on. Its AI-driven approach not only streamlines threat detection and response but also compensates for the perennial analyst shortage by enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of existing SOC teams.

This solution steps in as a much-needed ally in an arena where the volume, velocity and complexity of threats are overwhelming traditional defense mechanisms and existing teams, and hiring more analysts is simply not feasible. Let’s take a closer look at how the platform accomplishes this.


Radiant’s SOC Co-pilot is a comprehensive solution designed to address the critical challenges faced by Security Operations Centers. It stands out for its AI-driven approach to threat detection, analysis, and response. Here’s a detailed review of its key features and capabilities:

1. AI-Driven Alert Triage:

The threat management systems SOCs rely on detect too much noise and false positives.

This makes it nearly impossible to find the alerts that matter and investigate them further. The Radiant platform makes it possible to enrich and review every single alert across identities, emails, endpoints, networks, cloud, and other data types—then to intelligently categorize and prioritize genuine alerts. This reduces the noise from false positives, enabling SOC teams to focus on genuine threats, a crucial need in today’s high-alert environments.

2. Automated Threat Investigation:

Radiant SOC Co-pilot leverages AI to delve deep into genuine alerts. It connects data across security tools to see the entire picture of attacks and provides detailed investigations to determine the root cause and full scope of every malicious alert. This feature ensures SOCs are able to see and understand the entirety of every incident that is uncovered.

This also greatly reduces the manual effort required in threat analysis, enhancing efficiency and empowering even junior analysts to perform more advanced investigations.

3. Rapid and Intelligent Response:

Incident response is complex, time-consuming work for understaffed SOC teams, leading to long response times and opportunities for attacks to dwell and expand across the network. The Radiant solution slashes response times by streamlining and automating responses to confirmed threats, from isolating systems to deploying countermeasures.

Radiant’s co-pilot dynamically builds a response plan based on the specific needs of the uncovered security issue. This unique capability provides analysts with step-by-step remediation guidance on how to respond to incidents, including flexible automation options including manual, single-click or fully automated response. This rapid response is vital for minimizing the impact of fast-moving attacks.

4. Boost SOC Team Productivity:

SOC teams don’t have enough staff hours in the day to triage and investigate every alert that comes their way. The result: Work is left undone and attacks go unnoticed.

Using out of the box capabilities, Radiant automates 80% to 90% of triage and investigation tasks, freeing analysts from tedious, time consuming tasks and allowing teams to focus on strategic aspects of cybersecurity, increasing security, efficiency and job satisfaction.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

With its intuitive user interface, the Radiant SOC Co-pilot ensures easy navigation and effective management of threats, making complex data and processes accessible to all skill levels and empowering even junior analysts to take on more complex work.

With its intuitive user interface, the Radiant SOC Co-pilot ensures easy navigation and effective management of threats, making complex data and processes accessible to all skill levels and empowering even junior analysts to take on more complex work.

6. Scalability and Integration:

The platform’s design for scalability and seamless integration with existing infrastructure (such as security tools like EDR, SIEMs, Firewalls, etc., IT infrastructure such as ticketing and authentication solutions, and communications platforms like Slack and Microsoft teams) makes it adaptable to complex and growing organizational needs.

7. Continuous Learning and Adaptation:

The AI models utilized by the platform are designed to continually learn and adapt, ensuring the SOC is equipped with the latest defense strategies.

These features collectively enable the Radiant SOC Co-pilot to significantly improve SOC operations, boost analyst productivity, detect real attacks through unlimited in-depth investigations, and rapidly respond to incidents. The AI engine powering the co-pilot addresses not only current challenges but also learns from daily threat investigations to equip SOCs for future threats.


In conclusion, the Radiant Security’s Gen AI SOC Co-pilot stands as an exceptional choice, setting a new standard in threat management and SOC automation. Its AI-driven capabilities not only streamline operations but also significantly enhance threat detection and response. The platform empowers SOC teams, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks by automating routine processes. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced response times, and a more robust cybersecurity posture. Radiant’s solution, with its user-friendly interface and scalable infrastructure, makes it an adaptable and forward-looking tool, equipped to meet both current and future cybersecurity challenges.


Radiant Security, led by a team of cybersecurity industry veterans who played pivotal roles in the success of companies like Imperva and Exabeam, offers an AI-powered security co-pilot for Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Radiant enables SOCs to harness the power of AI to boost analyst productivity, detect more real attacks, and slash incident response times from days or weeks to minutes. Deployed in minutes via API, Radiant Security provides rapid time to value and immediately reduces analyst workloads by as much as 95%.


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