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From the past few hours’ news related to Portuguese Multinational Energy Giant Energias De Portugal (EDP) is doing several rounds on Google and it states that the power supplier was targeted by a Ragnar Locker Ransomware attack who stole over 10TB of critical data after which they threatened the company to leak the stolen data until a ransom is paid.

EDP happens to be Europe’s largest energy sector and is touted to be the 4th largest company to produce energy from wind; delivering power to more than 11 million customers.

A prima facie conducted by the EDP’s IT Staff states that the stolen data includes employee login names, passwords, account details, URLs and notes.

Highly placed sources say that the attack could have been launched through a phishing email campaign. And the company is in no mood to bow down to the demands of hackers as it wants to gain access to its data through backups.

Meanwhile coming to the second ransomware news trending on Google, the Law Society of Manitoba has issued a public statement yesterday that two of the law firms located in the said Canadian province were targeted by a Maze Ransomware attack locking down access to essential documents.
The statement doesn’t say whether the firms’ digital assets were covered under cyber insurance or will it pay the ransom to regain access to its client data.

What’s amazing in both cases of malware spread is that the victims were targeted through email attachments which appeared to be COVID 19 related like links to attend a seminar to discuss COVID 19 responses and such….

So as a precautionary measure, EDP and the law society are advising their customers, staff, and clients not to click on email links sent from unknown senders.

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