Ransomware attack on CASS Regional Medical Center


Cass Regional Medical Center which is based in Missouri has released an official statement saying that the systems at its medical facility were reigning under ransomware attack and so the hospital will see an EHR(Electronic Health Records) downtime until the attack is resolved.

Note- EHR is nothing but medical records stored in digital format.

The administrative staff at the Missouri based medical center however assured that no patient data was compromised in the incident which impacted its database from 11 am on July 9th this year.

EHR Access and internal communications systems were affected and so Meditech which happens to be a vendor of Cass Regional Medical Center’s EHR opted to shut down its systems until the investigation gets over.

Chris Lang, the CEO of the medical facility stated that an incident response protocol was deployed within 30 minutes of the 1st signs of the cyber attack and the law enforcement and cybersecurity experts have been informed about the incident.

From Monday afternoon, the hospital authorities decided to diver Trauma and stroke patients in order to provide the optimal care.

As the hospital is owned by Cass County, Missouri, it is known with the said name, i.e “Cass Regional Medical Center”.The medical facility is operating since 1946 and currently has over 400 employees and has a record of treating over 75K patients on an annual note.

Details on how the encrypted medical records will be restored are yet to be known. But a source from the regional medical center reports that a reliable backup plan which is already in place will prove handy in this situation and its said that a team is already working on this aspect.

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