Ransomware attack on Cloud Service Provider Insynq


Washington based company Insynq which offers application hosting and managed IT services for businesses and professionals is reported to have become a victim of a ransomware attack on July 16th, 2019.

The malware attack is said to have led to the disruption of cloud services for many accounting firms including those offering QuickBooks accounting services.

When customers of Insynq tried to contact the support personnel, they replied that the technical staff was away and the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

The Cloud Service Provider (CSPs) support page says that a malware attack took place on the database early this week leading to blocking of access to the stored data files. The company took precautionary measures to contain the incident as soon as it identified the cyber attack by turning off some servers in its data center.

News is out that cyber experts from the 3rd party have been hired to investigate the incident. And since the company has an effective disaster recovery plan iNSYNQ is expecting the services to be up by early next week.

The regular maintenance schedule for 3 Managed Service Providers (MSPs) scheduled on July 19th and 20th has been canceled and the new schedule will be updated to the customers through proper channel.

Offering Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and hosting apps related to QuickBooks and Sage are some of the noted services performed by Insynq.

Details of the demanded ransom weren’t disclosed to the media by the CSP. However, a spokesperson from the company says that they will not bow down to the demands of hackers as suggested by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.


Naveen Goud
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