Ransomware attack on Minnesota n East Greenwich

Minnesota’s healthcare facility named Southeastern Minnesota Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery(SEMOMS) said through its website that its digital services got disrupted by a ransomware attack which showed a deep impact on its treatments being offered for face, teeth, mouth, and jaws of its patients.

According to the update, now available on its website, SEMOMS said that the malware attack took place on its server on September 23rd,2019. And the data related to many patients were locked down from access.

Ransom details made by the hackers are being kept as a secret for now. But it’s said that more than 80,000 patients related to the healthcare facility were officially informed about the incident last month via mail-in which details such as how the incident took place and a toll-free number to contact was informed.

Misuse of information, unauthorized access to data, and information being misused haven’t been detected by the authorities till date. But there is a high chance that the email addresses could have been compromised triggering phishing email concerns among the patients.

Patient data such as X-ray images and names of patients weren’t viewed or accessed by third parties says an official statement on the website.
SEMOMS assured that details such as financial information, medical records, or social security numbers weren’t accessed by the hackers.

Meanwhile, the news is out that a cyber attack of the ransomware genre has knocked out the servers at East Greenwich located in Rhode Island, United States. Town Manager Andrew Nota has confirmed the incident and said that the IT department is not in a mood to entertain the demands of hackers and will rely on data backups.

Rhode Island State Police and the Rhode Island National Guard were pressed into service to investigate the incident. And a third party has been assigned to the company to free up the data from hostage.

Naveen Goud
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